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Kalamazoo Family Portraits: FALL SESSIONS!!

I love taking family portraits in the fall! Kalamazoo has no shortage of beautiful trails that create a beautiful backdrop for some pretty gorgeous families! Like the Walkotten family below! Aren't they stunning!?

Fall family portrait sessions are a priority for me! It's not just about the leaves on the trees changing colors! It's about the beautiful color changes in the shrubs, bushes, weeds, fields.. there's so much autumn has to offer! I know the trails in Kalamazoo well and when we do family pictures I always have some prime spots in mind!

One of my "signature" portraits to take is a close up of a family where their faces take up most of the frame. I don't have to convince anyone that family is important but when you can get in really close and snuggle up and smile for the camera, it becomes all about YOU and your loved ones! They make the best photo inserts for a 5 x 7 frame on a desk. When it's all said and done, who cares about the background? I want to see your beautiful, smiling faces. That's what it's all about!

Fall family portrait sessions are different than a fall mini-session. A Mini-session is a short session (20 minutes), where we typically find a spot in a specific location where we work hard to get in as many poses as possible in 20 minutes. A family portrait session can go anywhere from 40-90 minutes and we take our time as we walk the trails and other exciting locations in Kalamazoo. We have fun and enjoy the outdoors while we work at getting you and your family some great portraits that you'll be able to treasure forever! There are opportunities for outfit changes and even a second location. Most of the time we get to walk the Kalamazoo trails at our leisure and find some great picture spots along the way. Don't you just LOVE the fall!?

I love getting "mommy and me" and "daddy and me" portraits! Family portraits with everyone is important but having the opportunity to single out mom and dad with their kiddos is also special.

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