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Erin's Senior Portraits

Erin and I met last year when we did school portraits at a flower farm. I'm going to include a sneak peak of the photos because they turned out amazing! She looks great and can work a pose perfectly! As a Kalamazoo Senior Portrait photographer it was my job to make her look great.... but she didn't need it! This girl stole the show!

One thing I love about Erin's Portraits was her style. A relaxed pair of jeans and a mauve colored shirt helped her stand out agains a background of colorful flowers, the blue truck and a grey skyline (it was overcast, welcome to Michigan!).

Senior pictures are so important! You don't have to have a ton of outfit choices or a fancy location! Just know what looks great on you! Kalamazoo has a lot of awesome parks and trails we can explore to take your senior pictures!

This photoshoot made me fall in love all over again with old trucks! I think that senior pictures in old trucks look amazing! High school senior portraits don't have to be in a school! In fact, I'd recommend against it! Have your senior photos taken in a unique location! Flower farms, sunflower fields, apple orchards, wheat fields... there's so much personality to the area! Plus, Kalamazoo has so much to offer in the late summer and fall for portraits!!!

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